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Choosing the right consumer credit

You will thus benefit from a car loan at the best rate, you will carry out the long-awaited renovation work thanks to the work / renovation loan. You can also finance your next vacation, studies, new furniture ... But be aware that in this area the amounts to borrow are often imposed, as well as the durations if you want to benefit from the advantages.

You must still have recourse to these specialized loans if your project corresponds to this type of loan. Thanks to fast online credit, you get a quick response to your request. Of course, you will be required to provide proof of sufficient income in order to verify your repayment capacity and avoid any over-indebtedness. When you receive the proposal from the credit agency, the interest rate charged, the amount of monthly payments to be repaid as well as the duration of the repayment will be clearly indicated so that you can make your decision in complete safety.

For all other urgent money requests, the personal loan is the most suitable solution. More and more frequently and from a certain age, you will also be offered loan insurance that will protect you from the vagaries of life. This outstanding balance insurance is optional, but purchasing it will protect you and your loved ones. Especially if the sums borrowed are quite substantial. Today we can borrow safely without jeopardizing the household budget, while maintaining a comfortable quality of life.

Who can apply for consumer credit?

Consumer credit is a financing solution accessible to all. However, depending on your profile, your professional activity or your resources, better adapted offers will be offered to you by credit organizations.

auto credit

Auto loan

Apply for a car loan without further delay and benefit from the best credit offers for the purchase of a car through our simulator.

work credit

Works credit

Finance all of your home improvement and interior design work by requesting a quick and cheap home improvement loan from an online banking institution.

motorcycle credit

Motorcycle loan

Want to buy a motorbike ?? Take advantage of better fast auto credit offers and free yourself from traffic by making your trips more fluid thanks to your new means of transport.

revolving credit

Revolving credit

In order to have funds available at all times, you can apply for a revolving credit and to have the required sum as and when repayment.

Personal loan

Personal loan

Being part of consumer loans, do not hesitate to apply for a personal loan to finance all your small daily projects.

travel credit

Travel credit

Do you want to go on vacation with your family, but you don't want to touch your savings? Take charge of your vacation expenses with a travel credit.

wedding credit

Wedding credit

You have a wedding to do, maybe yours or your child's. For financing, don't worry, thanks to a wedding loan you can easily take care of the expenses.

cash credit

Cash credit

In the short term, cash credit is intended for individuals to meet an urgent need for money. In the event of a bank overdraft or for an overdraft facility, it allows us to have the necessary funds.

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Consumer credit for whom?

  • Civil servant credit
  • Interim credit?
  • Unemployed credit
  • CAF loan
  • Small income credit
  • Loan between individuals
  • Prohibited banking
  • Senior credit?
  • FICP credit

Civil servant credit: know your basic principles

When you are a civil servant and want to take out a consumer loan, do you have preferential treatment? If the conditions for obtaining a loan are quite identical to those of employees in the private sector, it must be admitted that civil servants enjoy a particularly advantageous status, especially thanks to their financial stability. Moreover, the public service mutual can act as surety and intervene as surety if necessary.

Who is the official loan for ? It is intended for all workers in the public service, whether in administration or public institutions. That said, it is not only the employee himself who can benefit from the interest of a civil servant loan, but also his spouse and his beneficiaries.

Unlike a real estate loan, a personal loan, even in repurchase of credit, can only be used for the realization of small projects of small scale, such as the renovation of the principal residence, the holidays, the interior decoration or the buying a car. That said, a civil servant can also take out a home loan and benefit from the benefits of the zero rate loan to support household home ownership, if it is the first principal house.

Who can benefit from an interim loan?

Can you benefit from a loan when you are a temporary employee? This is one of the issues that we want to untie when we find ourselves in this precarious employment situation and yet we have some projects to implement. Just like the case of people on fixed-term contracts, the banks consider that their status is not very reassuring. If temporary workers are qualified as risky borrowers, there are still lending institutions which decide to give them the benefit of a loan, which of course is not without conditions.

In order to have an interim loan, it is therefore necessary to meet some basic criteria, such as a determined length of service in the position held as a current interim or in the sector of activity itself. The most important thing is to convince the lender of the stability of his income.

If we now know that a temporary employee can have a consumer loan, he is also allowed to contract a mortgage ?? You should know that an interim credit can also concern the mortgage. It is enough to exceed a debt ratio of 33%, to justify a stable financial resource and to mount a good file to uncheck an interim loan contract.

Unemployed credit: what are the possibilities?

When you are unemployed, can you hope to have a loan to finalize various projects or to conduct the job search in the best conditions and thus optimize the chances of getting a job? Need to buy a car to facilitate travel? Want to start your own project ?? When you are unemployed, it is not easy to make ends meet, let alone hope for a personal loan that can also be presented as an interim loan.

However, some banks, especially those providing its services online, may offer solutions adapted to this situation. One can, among others, cite the case of loans between individuals offered by credit platforms. There is also the CAF loan and social microcredit. Unemployed credit generally does not require proof. That is why it presents itself as particularly advantageous.

Just because you're unemployed doesn't mean you don't have a choice. Indeed, before even applying for your consumer credit for unemployed person, it is always wiser to go through a loan comparator to better choose your lending institution. To speed up the procedures, you can also offer a personal guarantee (a relative who acts as a surety), a real guarantee (real estate) or a deposit.

Know the CAF loan in detail

A CAF loan is a loan offered by the family allowance fund (Caf). It is specifically intended for people wishing to take out loans, but who have a low income or who are in a precarious financial situation (unemployed, beneficiary of SRSA, temporary work, etc.). The interest rate for this type of loan is particularly low, but obtaining it mainly meets a few conditions.

What project can we consider with a CAF loan? It can help you if you need to prepare for the arrival of a baby, buy various equipment for housing (household appliances, high-tech devices, etc.), finance training, acquire a car, carry out renovations, revamp your interior. , etc.

To have a CAF loan, you must apply for a benefit to become a CAF beneficiary. The latter mainly focuses on projects related to the family, early childhood, social integration, housing and youth. If any of your projects fall into these frames, it is quite possible that you will be able to get the money you need more quickly.

Small income loan: get to know its conditions

A reduced income does not undeniably mean that we do not have the possibility of borrowing money to make our projects a reality. A precarious financial situation does not mean that it was always so. Indeed, it can occur following the loss of a job, an accident or an illness, etc.

A low-income loan is intended in particular for the unemployed, people with reduced mobility, RSA recipients and bank bans. However, in order to prevent cases of over-indebtedness, banks still impose certain criteria and thus avoid all risks of non-repayment. Lending organizations first examine the debt ratio and the creditworthiness of the future borrower. The minimum requirement is to have a stable financial resource with approximately a minimum of 1000 us dollars per month of income. You can consider borrowing between 1000 and 5000 us dollars depending on your expectations and possibilities.

What credit should you adopt when you have a low salary? Various possibilities are offered to us according to our purposes. You can opt for an affected credit, a personal loan without proof, a revolving credit, etc. The funds can be used to accomplish a personal project, such as a trip, a vacation, a small renovation or decoration, a training and many more.

The essentials of the loan between individuals

A loan between individuals is presented as a credit offering great freedom and which remains particularly accessible, both in terms of procedures and the timeframe for obtaining funds. Between flexibility and ease, it has become one of the flagship forms of credit for individuals. Being able to be carried out within a family, close friend and acquaintance, it is a little less formal, which does not imply that it does not obey strict rules. Indeed, beyond a certain threshold concerning the amount to be borrowed, it is mandatory to establish a contract or an acknowledgment of debt.

If you do not have any person you can trust, if you want to borrow your money, you can contact platforms specializing in loans between individuals, which act as an intermediary. As for individuals who cannot obtain a loan from a bank or a financial institution, they can also join its experts whose services are offered mainly online.

A loan between individuals can help you carry out many projects, to name only fitting out work, travel, the acquisition of a new car, the purchase of various household equipment, the organization of a marriage, preparing for the arrival of a baby and paying for training.

The loan request authorized for a banking ban

Obtaining credit becomes even more difficult with a banking ban . This is a sanction resulting from the signing and issuing of a bad check. It can also result from a lawsuit for failure to respect any financial commitment. Being able to last 5 years, the banking ban can be lifted, but for this, it is first necessary to meet various conditions.

When you are registered with the Central Check File (FCC), but need to take out a loan to finance an urgent project or to fill a cash shortage, what possibilities are available to us? You can apply for a mortgage if you own real estate. Otherwise, you can opt for the pawnshop if you have objects with an already appraised value or the microcredit, but in this case, it is necessary to obtain the authorization of the bank of United States.

Various credit institutions offer the possibility to people in banking prohibition to benefit from a loan. That said, the interest rate applied is particularly high. They can also go to the Family Allowance Fund under certain conditions.

What to remember about senior credit?

After 60 years, banks are more wary when it comes to granting a loan. This can be explained by the high risks of non-reimbursement due to health issues, declining income, etc. However, with the improvement in the lifespan, many banking institutions are now ready to offer them a loan, which they qualify as a senior loan .

Those who wish to realize more personal life projects can adopt the consumer loan. Usually unassigned, that is to say, a loan that does not require any justification regarding its destination, it can be deployed to fulfill dreams of cruising and travel, to carry out development or decoration work, to pay workshops, training or leisure activities and many more.

With declining incomes, seniors particularly resort to applying for a personal loan without the intermediary of a bank. It can, for example, be a loan between individuals. This type of loan does not take into account not only age, but also income and offers a low rate. Not to mention that the procedures are relatively simplified, in particular for online services. In addition, a consumer credit for senior does not require the subscription to insurance.

Take out an FICP loan

Following a non-repayment of credit in progress, a person will be automatically entered in the FICP (File of incidents of repayment of credits to individuals). This file is maintained by the Bank of United States. He informs banks and credit organizations about repayment incidents concerning the person concerned. It also includes all the measures taken to deal with situations of over-indebtedness. Before granting a loan, creditors consult this file. As a general rule, a file in the FICP implies an inability to obtain credit from banks. However, some banks can grant a loan for ficp , under certain conditions.

So, is it impossible to apply for a loan when you are registered with the Bank of United States? This is the question we ask ourselves most often. As a reminder, this is not particularly a sanction, but is rather established by way of information. So what are the options that can allow us to take out a loan, even if we are on file? The first, which is often a real obstacle course, is to repay debts as soon as possible. The other solution is to buy back a FICP loan. As there are many banking establishments concerned with borrower issues, they have set up various procedures allowing individuals registered on the FICP list to benefit from this loan buyback offer. In addition, households with an urgent need for money by being on FICP files can also consider loans between individuals.

Three frequently asked questions about consumer credit

What better rates for a consumer loan?

The rate is one of the decisive criteria when choosing a consumer credit. To benefit from the best rates for a personal loan, just do an online simulation on our dedicated tool. Intuitive and completely free, the platform gives you the answers best suited to your needs in just a few minutes.

How to easily obtain a consumer credit?

Although credit organizations are increasingly making it easier to grant a loan, most consumers do not yet know how to easily obtain consumer credit. To get a quick response on a loan request, it is advisable to simulate the offers and collect the relevant files in advance.

Which is the best consumer credit organization?

While large banking institutions such as AXA Banque, BNP, Banque Postale, Crédit Agricole, Crédit Mutuel were the pioneers, other credit organizations such as Cetelem, Cofidis, Cofinoga and Sofinco have also imposed themselves on the market. market. The best way to find out which one best meets your needs is to do a credit simulation.

consumer credit advantage

The advantages of a consumer credit

A consumer credit can be deployed for different financing requests apart from the mortgage loan. Its main advantage is its flexibility and speed. In the case of an affected loan, for example, it is not necessary to present supporting documents. However, when it comes to an affected consumer credit, it is enough only to present a few invoices and supporting documents certifying the purchase. In addition, the monthly payments of a consumer loan are fixed, thus allowing the borrower to better manage his finance.

Buying a car, acquiring new household appliances or other investments, a consumer loan allows you to make some useful daily purchases which personal savings do not allow. It can also materialize any type of personal project, such as vacations, funding for training and the accomplishment of some interior or decoration work.

consumer credit regulation

The settlement of a consumer credit

Being easy to acquire and fast, consumer credit often puts the borrower at a significant risk of over-indebtedness. This is why a law governing this type of loan has been put in place. A consumer loan is therefore defined by an operation during which the creditor grants the borrower financing to be repaid with interest. Being a real factor in over-indebtedness, various laws have been introduced to protect consumers. These include, among other things, the obligation to mention the actual cost of the loan and the withdrawal period.

How to get a consumer credit? The agreement between the lender and the borrower is formalized by a contract. To obtain this type of financing for individuals, it is essential to meet all the eligibility criteria for a loan, to mention only the repayment capacity.