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How to use a credit comparator?

You just have to follow the different instructions: choose your type of credit, the amount you want to borrow and the duration of the loan, the amount of monthly payments,…, it will take you 2 to 3 minutes maximum. A little "click" and here are the best consumer loans on the market that are available to you! The comparator analyzes and selects for you the options best suited to your criteria. So that you benefit from the lowest interest rates. You can modify the entered data at your leisure, it's free every time and always so fast. Of course, the comparator will only present you with 4 or 5 offers at the start. At your request he can establish a longer list so that you can consider all the options.

online credit simulator

Take advantage of the online credit simulator

Have you decided on the financial product you were expecting? You can further refine your search by requesting a simulation of your credit online. By modifying the amount borrowed, the duration of the loan or the maximum amount of monthly payments, the simulator will give you an exact overview of the price of your loan. Again it's fast and free! Depending on the amount borrowed and the length of the loan, the interest rate varies greatly. It is interesting to compare these variations because it will influence the total cost of your loan. You thus have all the data that will allow you to access credit online while being fully informed.