different amounts of credit redemption

The different amounts of credit redemption

The amount of a mortgage repurchase starts at 40,000 us dollars and can go up to 2,000,000 us dollars. If it is a real estate loan buyback with consumer loans, the specialized body is based on the ratio between the amount of consumer loans and the amount of mortgage loans to determine the regime to apply. In all cases, it is always useful to simulate a loan repurchase according to the amount to assess the profitability of the operation.

Like other types of credit, credit redemption is not frozen at a specific time. It all depends on the amount requested by the borrower, his borrowing capacity but also the objectives that encourage him to subscribe

  • Elements related to the cost of a loan repurchase
  • Renegotiate the amount of your credit buyback: is it possible?
  • Minimum amount required for a loan buyback
  • Credit buyback: is there a limit?

Elements related to the cost of a loan repurchase

During a repurchase or a consolidation of credits, the total amount necessary must be determined before any decision. This is because a loan agreement always provides for prepayment indemnities or IRAs. They will be settled by the bank, which will buy back the credits at the same time as the remainder of the capital to be paid to the previous creditors. The rates of these IRAs vary depending on the type of loan. It can range from 3% of the outstanding capital for a mortgage to 0.5% for consumer loans. However, it should be noted that these allowances are governed by the Consumer Code. Although non-negotiable, they can be revised downwards, for the calculation of the loan repurchase amount, if it is the same banking establishment which carries out the consolidation of consumer loans.

Renegotiate the amount of your credit buyback: is it possible?

The renegotiation of a loan buyback is hardly possible in reality. However, a credit buyback can be included in another current credit consolidation, depending on the credit buyback amount, by the services of a broker for example. As the repurchase of credit alleviates the financial side of the borrower, it happens that he takes out new loans or wants to finance a new project. Otherwise, he may accumulate certain debts such as unpaid invoices, rents or taxes. He can request another repurchase or consolidation of credit including the previous repurchase of credit and new credits to reduce the amount of monthly payments, and save money. The financial institution must however carry out a study of the borrower's file for feasibility.

Minimum amount required for a loan buyback

The borrower resorts to a repurchase of credit when he wishes to reduce the amount of monthly payments. As a result, he will have a reduced debt ratio, but with a longer repayment period. However, the repurchase of credit can not always be beneficial, but depends on certain criteria like the minimum amount. Indeed, if the amount of the credit repurchase is below the minimum, the debt ratio and the amount of monthly payments may not change. For the repurchase of mortgages, it must be between $ 40,000 and $ 50,000 and between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 for the repurchase of consumer credits. An in-depth study of your file is necessary to be able to offer you a better solution.

Credit buyback: is there a limit?

Several elements are taken into account in the validation of a repurchase of credits such as financial institutions, the applicant's file and the various information concerning him. The maximum amount is therefore not one of the important points to study, whether for a professional or for an individual. The analysis of the borrower's file and profile thus allows the organization to propose a corresponding solution for the desired loan repurchase. Their attention is mainly focused on the debt ratio of the beneficiary in order to determine whether the project is feasible or not. This debt ratio is limited to 40% of its income. However, a maximum credit buyback amount is set for a mortgage credit buyback which is $ 1,500,000.

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Other elements to know about the repurchase of credit



The repurchase of credit is intended for those who face a situation of over-indebtedness and its in the incapacity to restore correctly its loans. To benefit from this formula, you must be subject to at least two loans.



The duration of a repurchase of credit is the period proposed for the restitution of debts. If it is a consumer loan, it is set at 10 years maximum. It can be up to 30 years for a mortgage loan.

Credit redemption type


There are two variants of credit redemption. The first is the consumer loan consolidation. The second is to combine a mortgage with other debts, like a personal loan.