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Types of credit redemption: different ways to proceed

Home loan or consumer credit, it is possible to redeem credit depending on the needs and situations that arise. In order to succeed in your credit redemption request procedure, it is essential to know the credits open for redemption.

In terms of consumer credit, a credit buyback can concern the motorcycle car loan, the work loan, the marriage loan and anything relating to loans intended for the acquisition of material or household appliances. There may also be some debts related to late taxes and various unpaid invoices.

As for the repurchase of mortgage credit, it can be a grouping of consumer loans and real estate loans. Its repayment term can be spread over 35 years, but everything will depend on the financial situation of the borrower. Other criteria are also considered by lending organizations. It is recommended to go through a comparator to know more about the duration and the monthly payments.

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Other elements to know about the repurchase of credit



The repurchase of credit is intended for those who face a situation of over-indebtedness and its in the incapacity to restore correctly its loans. To benefit from this formula, you must be subject to at least two loans.

Credit redemption amount


A credit buyback allows you to collect all your debts in a single contract. Its amount is equal to the sum of the loans that you have not yet repaid as well as the interest rate.



The duration of a repurchase of credit is the period proposed for the restitution of debts. If it is a consumer loan, it is set at 10 years maximum. It can be up to 30 years for a mortgage loan.