Cetelem, one of the oldest financial institutions in United States

Founded in 1953 by Jacques Fouchier, Cetelem or Company for the financing of household appliances was originally aimed at helping French households to buy household goods. Indeed, like many credit institutions at the time, it offered loans for the acquisition of refrigerators, a flagship product of economic development after the Second World War. Since then, the company has crossed borders to become one of the few French companies on the international market.

A subsidiary of BNP Paribas bank, it is also known under the name BNP Paribas Personal Finance and works on various fronts, notably savings and insurance, not to mention its main product, credit. Between real estate loans, fast online credit, car insurance, savings book and different kinds of loans, the company has diversified its field of intervention. You can therefore find a wide range of financial products on the site www.cetelem.fr

$ 500 - $ 75,000 APR from 1%
  • Control of your reimbursements
  • Credit without proof of use
  • Flexible benefits
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Loans at www.cetelem.fr

Like many leaders in the field of loans, Cetelem offers a wide variety of loan offers. Work loans, car or motorcycle loan, rental loan, mortgage, personal loan, credit redemption, all of the products that this credit organization offers are available on its site. A simulator is also present to help you choose the right monthly payment for the amount you want to borrow. What sets Cetelem apart is undoubtedly the fact that it offers loans for employees on fixed-term contracts and temporary workers. The rates offered are competitive since from only 1% and the repayment period is very interesting ranging from 6 to 96 months depending on the credit you choose. Finally, know that at Cetelem you can borrow from 500 us dollars to 75000 us dollars.

To discover or subscribe to different financial products such as personal loan or revolving credit, you can simply visit the site www.cetelem.fr

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