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The different types of consumer loans

Consumer credit is a loan intended to purchase only a specific good or service. The object of the project will therefore be mentioned with the loan to be taken out. The best known are work loans and auto credit, but it is also possible to take out an assigned loan for the purchase of real estate or household appliances. Most of the big brands offer loans directly at the point of sale. The sales contract and the loan are inseparable from each other. If the sale does not take place, that is to say in the event that there is a dispute, an undelivered product, or even if the seller withdraws, the loan is also dissolved. And similarly, if the purchaser does not manage to get his loan, the sale is null and void.

Unallocated credit is contracted for various projects including travel, study, life project (birth, marriage, etc.) or only to have cash. A family who wants to enjoy new spaces during a trip without touching their savings can, for example, set off to discover other horizons with a travel loan or a personal loan without proof.

$ 500 - $ 75,000 APR from 1%
  • No administration fees
  • Credit without contribution
  • Personal loan without proof
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What about loans at Cofinoga?

Cofinoga or Compagnie Financière des Nouvelles Galeries is a credit institution belonging to the BNP Paribas Personal Finance group. Like most other organizations, loan conditions at Cofinoga depend entirely on the nature of the loan, the amount and the repayment period. It thus offers loans for the purchase of a vehicle or the carrying out of work, renewable loans for daily needs, personal loans, but also loan redemptions. Administrative fees are free. The amount available goes from 4000 us dollars and 50,000 for a repayment period of 12 to 72 months for the vehicle loan, 4000 us dollars to 75,000 us dollars with 12 to 120 of monthly payment for a housing loan and for other projects, 500 us dollars to 75,000 us dollars over a period of 12 to 60 months.

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