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Temporary lack of money. What is the cheapest solution?

The summer vacation is over. The credit card statement arrives. The children have already gone to school. So those costs for school books and so on are also on the way. It may be clear that you will not get there for a while, but how do you solve it? And what is the cheapest way?

Different possibilities

Different possibilities

If you still have savings on your savings account, the cheapest solution is undoubtedly to use these credits at the moment. However, if this is not the case, it depends on the amount that you are short of.

If we are talking about relatively small amounts, you can just go ‘in the red’ on your current account. Check with your bank how much interest you are charged for this. This is anyway a temporary solution in the very short term. Most banks also require you to be above zero at least once a month. (Some banks only expect a positive balance every three months.) This option is sometimes referred to as an open-ended credit facility and the credit facility is usually around 1,250 euros. You only pay interest on the amount that is actually deducted from you. Nowadays you can expect an interest of around 10.5%.

Another possibility is to repay the negative balance on your credit card in installments instead of in one go. Here again it is very important to check which interest is charged for this. Not all financial institutions allow payment in installments. A realistic interest rate today is 11.80% with an annual variable interest rate.

If we are talking about larger amounts, you can take out a revolving credit. You can find such a credit facility for around 9% (depending on the amount) and sometimes a discount (so a lower interest rate) is granted if you are a homeowner. Always ask for a calculation example to clarify things.

A final solution is an installment loan or personal loan. For larger amounts, this is often interesting because everything is arranged neatly in advance. The interest, the term and the monthly amount. In other words, you know exactly where you stand. That way you can budget easily. Depending on your personal situation, the lack of flexibility can be seen as a disadvantage. After all, you cannot withdraw the repaid capital. Today you will find personal loans with an interest rate of around 5%. Other lenders, however, easily charge 14%. So watch out for so-called strangulation contracts.



It may be clear that borrowing always costs money. Comparing the interest, costs and general terms and conditions of the various financial service providers therefore guarantees money. It is therefore worthwhile to make time for this. On the basis of the above list, first check which option best suits your situation. You can then compare the conditions of different providers for the solution you have chosen via the internet. Visit some comparison sites. This way you get a good idea about the market players. After that you can always visit the websites of the lender itself. Often you just have to click through.

Revolving credit – take out a loan. Everything you need to know

Do you want to take out a revolving credit? Or do you just want to know more about it? The revolving credit is one of the most, if not the most flexible, forms of borrowing money. With a revolving credit you borrow a predetermined amount, also called the credit limit. You may withdraw up to this limit and also make repayments. In addition, this limit also determines your monthly installment for most forms of the revolving credit. The most frequently chosen monthly installments are 1% of the credit limit, 1.5% of the credit limit, or 2% of the credit limit. Your monthly payment will then include interest and repayment. With this form of taking out a loan there are therefore many options.
The revolving credit is still the most popular form of borrowing money. This is partly because there are many variants of this form of credit. A red balance on the payment account, or credit card, is also regarded as a revolving credit.  

Take out a personal loan from 4.5% Fixed monthly costs Low fixed interest from 4.5% Always pay off without penalty in the meantime Fixed duration, no surprises Take out a personal loan Take out ongoing credit from 4.5% Variable interest Lowest interest rate in the Netherlands from 21 to 66 years old Take out ongoing credit Most chosen A Credit from 4.4% Pay off without penalty Low variable interest Paid out in 2 days from 21 to 66 years old Request a proposal without obligation Take out a mini-loan Maximum of € 800 Without BKR assessment Borrow money quickly from 21 – 70 years old Take out a mini-loan

For whom is a revolving credit suitable?

For whom is a revolving credit suitable?

This form of a loan is actually suitable for anyone who needs a flexible loan. If you compare this form of borrowing money with a borrowing form such as a personal loan, you can leave amounts in deposit with this form, you can make withdrawals from your credit again, and you can make extra deposits without penalty. If you need this, this can be a particularly good form of borrowing money. In addition to the flexibility of being able to repay the loan early, the revolving credit has another advantage. With almost all providers, the interest is much lower than with a personal loan

Where can you take out a cheap revolving credit

Where can you take out a cheap revolving credit

As stated earlier, there are different providers. In the case of a revolving credit, you are generally the most advantageous with professional credit brokers and direct writers. The differences between these two parties are very small, only a few tenths. You can also borrow this form of money from your own bank, where your current account runs. You must, however, bear in mind that the interest there may generally be considerably higher.

Advantages of a revolving credit

To help you make a good choice, briefly review the benefits of this form of credit:

  • A revolving credit usually has a lower interest rate than a personal loan
  • You may make additional repayments without penalty
  • You can make withdrawals from your credit, you always have money in hand

Enough seems to us to opt for this form.

Disadvantages of a revolving credit

In addition to advantages, this form of borrowing money naturally also has disadvantages. We also list these for you:

  • Variable interest, the interest can rise.
  • Temptation of readmissions can be very large, so the loan is not repaid

The latter may require some explanation. But if you continue to make withdrawals from your loan, you will not repay it, and you will continue to pay a relatively large amount of interest on your credit.

Dear Mini Loan – Take out a fair loan loan

There are different types of loans, a popular form of borrowing is still the mini loan. You can take out a mini loan if you need a small amount as quickly. The advantage of the mini loan is the speed with which things can be arranged. In some cases it is possible to borrow money very quickly in the form of a mini loan. And with fast you must think of a time span of about 10 minutes.

But what is actually the best mini loan? And what should a good mini loan meet? To help you see the forest through the proverbial trees, we will be happy to explain more about the best mini loan and we will give you some tips on how to close the most suitable mini loan for you.

There are still several providers of mini-loans, and since the mini-loan is the only way to make borrowing money within 10 minutes, we advise you to take the time to make a good and well-considered choice and to take out an advantageous mini-loan. The best mini loan can yield a lot to you. Questions about the best mini loan? Then we advise you to contact a supplier of the mini loans.

What is the best mini loan?

What is the best mini loan?

Most chosen Bankate Max € 800 No BKR assessment from 21 to 69 years Maximum 45 days Apply for a mini-loan LoanFor Loan Max € 500 from 21 to 65 years 30 days maximum interest rate 0.66% per day Apply for a mini-loan Take out ongoing credit Max € 75,000 BKR review from 21 to 68 years old Redeem for 72 years Apply for a loan This of course depends on your personal situation. For one, the best mini loan is a mini loan that is paid quickly. For the other, this is the cheapest mini loan. The latter is something that we mainly focus on. For us it is mainly about the price of the mini loan. One provider will be able to deposit it faster than the other. But they will probably not give guarantees on this. Of course this is possible with regard to costs.

With a mini loan you pay the interest for the outstanding balance on one side, on the other hand the providers of mini loans will try in various ways to charge you costs. What these are for you varies per provider.

The best mini loan is the mini loan to which you ultimately have to pay the least. It is wise to request multiple quotes. You can then make a good comparison.

Compare mini loans

Compare mini loans

To arrive at the best mini loan you will have to compare mini loans. You must pay attention to more than just the interest costs for the loan. The best mini loan mainly concerns the additional costs.
You can think of the costs for the deposit, handling costs etc. etc. To find the best mini loan it is therefore important to make several requests, and to request multiple quotes for the mini loan. This allows you to quickly and easily search for the most suitable mini loan.

SMS Loan for Unemployed Without a Register Immediately


In life this happens that a person manages to lose his job. Whether their place is being canceled plus there is no other place with regard to him, the company goes broke, there are not so many purchases, they do not need you and etc. There are many reasons.

But one thing is certain, you need to find a new job as soon as possible. Beginning the ad lookup wheel, going to interviews. Meanwhile, of course, you have to pay your own bills, go shopping, cook and so on. Can a sms mortgage for the unemployed help all of us?


Where will these people lend me without a job?

Yes, the answer to this issue can be everywhere. However, in case you say that unfortunately, you do not actually have a job, it will not be so well-known. People who do not have a job are often risky clients for financial sectors. They usually do not achieve the loan because they do not possess provable income, and if they are doing, for example in the case of unemployment advantages, it is not usually a high quantity from which something could be paid back.

Non-banking businesses do not have such strict guidelines. Of course, in recent years conditions also have changed for non-banking industries, but they can still do a lot more for their clients than traditional banks, which often follow desks and predetermined hard rules. In the case of non-banking companies, jobless clients also have a chance to get a loan.


SMS mortgage for unemployed

These days, the possibility of borrowing money can also be accelerating. You do not have to go to any kind of branch offices and businesses, everything is handled basically and quickly on the Internet, or even using a text message. This is how the next service works for a jobless sms loan.

Even those who would or else not have a chance to borrow cash can also receive funding below this loan. Unemployed individuals also often need money, arrears arrived, fridge or even washing machine went wrong. With no one asks whether or not they have the money. This simple and fast loan is suitable for all those that are currently not working and requiring cash.