• How does a credit buyback work?
  • The main advantages to be drawn
  • The method of payment for a loan buyback of 25,000 us dollars

How does a credit buyback work?

The repurchase of credit consists in regrouping in a single loan all the credits borrowed by an individual. The organization that buys all these credits will then settle the customer's debts with other financial institutions to offer him a new global credit. First, the borrowed credits will be identified, to define the amount of capital remaining to be repaid. Then, a new schedule will be established with a readjusted rate and monthly payments.

The main advantages to be drawn from it

With only one loan to repay, households will no longer fear harassment from creditors. They will not have to pay several interest premiums with varying rates and terms, which will relieve them of the large monthly financial charges. It must be recognized that the monthly payments can be reduced by up to half with the repurchase of credit. This is possible by extending the duration of the loan. Other peculiarities of the repurchase of credit Also note that the repurchase of credit makes it possible to join together all your consumer loans and your mortgages in a single loan. Indeed the repurchase of credit can associate different types of loans without any distinction. This then makes it possible to overcome the drastic conditions of use of the initial loans before the repurchase of credit.

The method of payment for a loan buyback of 25,000 us dollars

For a repurchase of credit of 25,000 you will be able to reduce the cost of a mortgage as well as that of the acquisition of a car. After evaluating the rest of the capital to be repaid, a new schedule will be defined with a unique rate and duration. Thus, instead of having to pay a monthly payment of $ 250 and $ 500 over respective terms of 5 years and 20 months, we can revisit the monthly payments to 350 us dollars over a period of 6 years.

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