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Marriage credit: which lender to choose?

Marriage credit is part of consumer loans or personal loans. When a couple wishes to be united forever through marriage, both partners may consider applying for credit to hold the ceremony. However, as traditional banks most often impose cumbersome and lengthy procedures, more and more individuals are deciding to turn to online banks. In addition to responding to simplified procedures, they also make available to them various loan offers that are particularly interesting to them. But to take advantage of this advantageous credit proposal, it is not advisable to sign with the first bank that comes along. The most advisable is to go through a comparator and perform a credit simulation. This will also allow you to know your borrowing capacity as well as the monthly payment that you will have to pay. You just need to fill in some information and provide supporting documents.

  • What is marriage credit?
  • How to determine the budget for your wedding in advance?
  • The process to follow to obtain a marriage loan

What is marriage credit?

For couples who need money to organize the best day of their life, the wedding credit is a way to have the necessary budget for the realization of this project. It is an unassigned personal loan formula that does not require supporting records for use. Indeed, considering the purchase of various wedding accessories ranging from the wedding dress, to the rental of the party room, through the groom's suit, the caterer price and other elements, it is certain that the The bill for organizing the wedding of your dreams will be very high. But, to allow lovers to complete the course of the ceremony on D-Day, many credit organizations offer a marriage loan offer giving the advantage of using sufficient money, according to the needs of the fiancés. Note, however, that the couple will have to repay the amount borrowed, the interest as well as the monthly payments for a determined period.

How to determine the budget for your wedding in advance?

First of all, know that the maximum amount of money you can borrow for a wedding loan is set at $ 75,000 to be repaid from 3 to 60 months. Therefore, it is wiser to calculate in advance the budget essential for the success of the marriage by counting the price of the type of marriage ceremony you want, the number of guests, the clothes of the bride and groom, the cost of alliances, the price of invitations and sugared almonds, the price of the services of the photographer, the host and other providers. Typically, the base budget for organizing an unforgettable wedding is around US $ 10,000.

The process to follow to obtain a marriage loan

When you have determined the budget you need to organize your wedding, you can now contact your bank to apply for a loan. But, for more speed in the procedures, you can go to the site of a credit organization and carry out a free credit simulation and compare the different resulting offers. Thus, you will be able to make a comparison between important data such as the amount borrowed, the monthly payment, the repayment period, the Global Effective Annual Rate or the APR, borrower insurance costs and other additional file costs. Then, after having sent your credit application online, if it has been validated and you are solvent, you will have in a few days, in your bank account, the loan money.

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