Civil servant credit

Usefulness and advantage of an official credit

Like everyone else, the civil servant may have projects to carry out. This can be the organization of a trip , a major purchase, development work , or also studies to follow. Whatever the project, funding may be necessary because the fixed monthly salary of a public sector employee is not always sufficient to carry it out. This is the reason for this type of loan. Students of the Civil Service also benefit. These future civil servants can indeed benefit from a special credit offer which will help them in their studies or when they enter professional life. An equally important advantage is the integration of the spouse and children of the public service employee among the beneficiaries.

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Conditions for granting consumer credit

Conditions for granting consumer credit for civil servants

It is true that the profile of civil service employees wins the confidence of banks and lending organizations. As a result, the loan for civil servants, in particular consumer credit, is easily accessible, especially online. The reason is that underwriters offer guarantees sought after by financial institutions. However, you must pay attention to these few conditions:

For the personal loan, more particularly, which is a consumer credit, your debt ratio must allow you to repay your debts. Do not hesitate to use online simulators to calculate your repayment capacity.

Then, you must not be stuck in the banks. To check everything, loan organizations will ask you to provide them with a credit application file including in most cases:

  • a copy of your identity documents
  • your RIB (Bank Identity Statement)
  • your residence certificate
  • your latest payslips.

The rates are relatively low for consumer credit for government officials. And you can even find a zero-rate government loan as part of a home loan.