Interim loan and credit for CDD

Interim loan and credit for CDD: reminder on the conditions for obtaining

If banking establishments and credit organizations are a little more reluctant in granting a loan for people with a precarious professional situation, it is still possible for employees on CDD or temporary work to obtain a loan. . However, various conditions must be met, notably professional seniority. You need about 600 hours of work per year. In the case of a temporary employee, it is essential to be on an interim mission when applying for a loan. You must also justify a minimum monthly income for the last 12 months preceding your application. The lender will also check whether you have worked in the same company or in the same field of activity for a considerable period of time. All this to check your stability. A loan for a person on fixed-term contract and one on a temporary basis meets the same conditions. Your debt ratio must be around 33% at most and must not present any banking incident during the last 6 months.

  • Why use an interim credit?
  • Consumer credit for fixed-term and temporary contracts

Why use an interim credit?

Workers without a permanent contract or on a temporary basis can take out an interim loan if they need money to undertake work in their home, buy a car, or face financial difficulties. This type of loan, by virtue of its properties, has many advantages, namely:

  • Adapting to workers' needs and the precariousness of their jobs
  • Flexibility
  • Support and personalized follow-up
  • The rapidity

In short, it is a quick credit that greatly benefits CDD employees without stable income and temporary workers. With the Temporary Work Social Action Fund or Fastt, temporary workers can borrow up to US $ 10,000. An amount that they can repay over a period of up to 60 months. And the icing on the cake, certain creditors include in their offer the help to find a job in CDI (Contract of indefinite duration).

Consumer credit for fixed-term and temporary contracts

When the consumer credit is intended for employees on CDD or temporary workers, it has the same characteristics as the personal loan. The person concerned is not obliged to justify his expenses. In addition, his request will be processed quickly. If, on the other hand, he chooses the credit allocated to the purchase of a vehicle or to the performance of work , the contract will consider the precariousness of employment. And, if the borrower's situation changes, the amount to be repaid will be more substantial. The period of unemployment is provided for in the consumer credit contract for fixed-term and temporary contracts. The loan is so flexible that it is possible to observe respite in the repayment of debts. One can then negotiate with the lender in order to modify the duration of the loan and also the monthly payments. It is a fixed rate credit, that is to say that the APR or Global Effective Annual Rate does not change. If you want to make prepayments, you are free to do so, and usually you pay nothing. Note, however, that it is mandatory to take out additional insurance. Granting yourself a consumer loan by working for a temporary employment agency is also customary. It's even a good tip if your debt level is not too high, and if your ability to repay is proven. Of course, you must work on a fixed-term contract on the date of your request, and have an account with the agency's partner financial organization.