The different forms of loan credit

The different forms of unemployed credit loan

The unemployed credit loan is often a consumer credit. The reason is simple: the person concerned must necessarily support himself whether he has little or no financial resources. He does not necessarily need to justify what he is going to use his credit for, given the unforeseen circumstances that his situation generates. The unemployed credit that will be granted to him can therefore be a personal loan without proof of salary or a car loan for the unemployed. To learn more about what really suits you, run a simulation and compare all the offers. If you do not get by, study the conditions for granting a personal loan without a job.

  • What financing solutions for the unemployed?
  • The loan of honor and the emergency loan from CAF
  • Adie and its micro-credit system
  • Personal loan without proof

What financing solutions for the unemployed?

Being unemployed and seeking a loan can sometimes be incompatible. However, a specific form of loan is perfectly suited to this situation: unemployed credit. But in most cases, banks and financial brands ask for drastic conditions before granting this type of credit.

Most important for  them, it is obviously the solvency of the customer. They will therefore ask for recent pay slips and bank statements to reassure themselves. If you are unemployed, the conditions that apply to you will be even more difficult. In other words, the maximum guarantee you offer is equivalent to the chances for you to acquire a loan.

The loan of honor and the emergency loan from CAF

The CAF (Caisse des Allocations familial) provides the unemployed with suitable loan solutions. This is therefore the case with the emergency loan, intended for households in a very precarious financial situation. However, the eligibility conditions are extremely restrictive: it is essential that you be a beneficiary and that you have one or more dependent children.

This is also the case for the loan of honor. Its use is multiple: financing the purchase of a vehicle. This is valid if you can justify that buying a car really makes your job search easier. This credit can also be used for the purchase of household appliances, renovation work or the purchase of real estate equipment. Depending on your use of the loan, the amount will obviously be capped according to the price of the goods you want to obtain.

Adie and its micro-credit system

The Association for the Right to Economic Initiative (ADIE) also provides the unemployed with a loan. You can therefore submit a request there. Its particularity lies in the fact that it is mainly micro-credits. Thus, the maximum amount you can request is a maximum of € 3,000.

It is an effective loan if you manage to convince the organization of the merits of your project. Indeed, your project must be part of a logic according to the prospect of a resumption of employment. Solution to think about.

Personal loan without proof

Some banks and financial brands offer credit formulas that are perfectly suited to each unemployed applicant. Your file will be based in part on your repayment capacities. What's more, you can request it on the internet.

Indeed, with online credits you have the possibility of having a quick and clear answer within 24 hours maximum. Suffice to say that you save a lot of time. The personal loan without proof leaves you a significant leeway with immediate response. Above all, you don't need to justify your situation and burden yourself with a thick file like an account register. Do not hesitate to do an online credit simulation before signing any credit agreement.

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Why take out an unemployed loan?

It's quite simple: a jobless loan allows you to maintain some financial health in balance when income falls. This type of credit allows a person unemployed or without a fixed income to quickly set up a viable project which can also serve as a lever towards other solutions.

With a loan between individuals, for example, the advantages for an unemployed person are numerous:

  • Time saving
  • A completely online transaction
  • Affordable interest rates
  • A more flexible file assembly

Especially the loan between individuals is a strategic recourse when a traditional bank cannot provide you with credit. The sites which specialize in credit between individuals have an efficient collection system. In addition, the credit limit is a maximum of € 50,000.