credit organizations for banking prohibitions

Which credit organizations for banking prohibitions?

It is not always easy to take out a personal loan when you are prohibited from banking or FICP. Most banks and financial institutions categorically refuse this type of request. However, you should know that there are credit organizations for banking prohibitions that accept applications under certain conditions. We can cite for example the Municipal Credit of the city of Paris which can grant loans to people in a situation of banking prohibition. The same applies to the NEF (solidarity finance cooperative), the Banque Postale, Cashper and the Caisse d'Epargne Ile de United States can also accept credit requests emanating from a banking ban but under certain conditions. In any case, do not hesitate to apply for credit online. It does not cost you anything and the credit organization for banking prohibition will always give you an immediate response in principle on the outcome of your request.

  • Pawn shops for bank bans
  • Mortgage credit for banking prohibition
  • State aid in the event of a banking ban
  • Breaking the deadlock thanks to prohibited banking credit
  • What solutions to borrow money?

Pawn shops for bank bans

Even if you are banned from banking, but you have valuable material goods (for example: jewelry, gold, work of art, etc.) that you can put as a pledge or guarantee, well it is not the lenders who are missing . You can turn to a pawnshop who will borrow the amount you need. Of course, this loan would have to be repaid with interest within the agreed term, otherwise the pledged property will be seized and sold by the lender in the event of default on your part.

Mortgage credit for banking prohibition

If you are a homeowner, then applying for credit will be even easier even if you are banned from banking. Indeed you can put your property as a mortgage or guarantee for your loan. This reassures the credit organization for banking prohibitions and at the same time gives you a good borrower profile. It goes without saying that you will have to repay your credit afterwards otherwise you risk losing your mortgaged property. In the event that the borrower cannot repay his debt, the bank prohibited loan establishment can then seize the real estate and put it up for sale to be reimbursed.

State aid in the event of a banking ban

Being banned from banking is certainly a rather delicate situation. In order to help people in this situation, the state, but also private establishments have set up credit organizations for banking prohibitions. We can cite the Family Allowance Fund (CAF), the Association for the Right to Economic Initiative (ADIE) and the Red Cross which can lend money and help individuals even if they are in a situation of banking prohibition.

Breaking the deadlock thanks to prohibited banking credit

The banking ban sees all its means of payment such as its checkbook withdrawn. In addition to the suspension of her overdraft authorization, she is refused any new loan, not only by the financial institution she frequents, but everywhere.

It is true that the name of the banking ban will be erased from the blacklist when it has paid its debts as well as any fines that accompany them. This being the case, the creditor will then inform the BNB or the BDF of the regularization of his file, and it will only be from that moment that he can apply for a loan again. But, how do you get the money to pay it off?

If the person in difficulty owns real estate, they can take out a mortgage. This is the best loan for forbidden bank owner. If he is a tenant, he can choose a loan for forbidden tenant banking such as the pawnshop or micro-credit. The Family Allowance Fund, the Red Cross, private and participatory funding can also save it. European banks as well as online banks also offer solutions.

What solutions to borrow money?

When we are banned from banking, credit organizations tend to quickly close the door when we request a loan. However, be aware that it is not the alternatives that are lacking to apply for a credit without proof .

What solutions to borrow money

Requirements of online banks for fast credit

A banking ban without a mortgage (or with) has an interest in making repayments as soon as possible. Online credit is then recommended to him. You just have to use an online bank and read the conditions they stipulate. Here is an example of a solidarity finance cooperative that can be applied for online:

The cooperative grants a loan to the interested party so that he maintains a professional activity on his behalf. This activity can be the execution of work in the headquarters of the community, in compliance with the ecological charter. It can also take the form of support from an association with a social vocation.

It would not be superfluous to mention credit consolidation as an alternative to lifting the banking ban. It can be a consumer credit buyback for those who do not own real estate.