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Senior loan: the conditions

One of the first criteria identified by banks before granting a loan relates more specifically to repayment capacity. So, it is not so surprising if we ask ourselves up to what age it is possible for us to borrow. In the case of consumer credit, there is no problem since it is generally taken out for the short term. On the other hand, various conditions will be emphasized more with a mortgage. That said, it is possible to find specific credit proposals to make your dreams come true.

Apart from the fact that a borrower must prove his solvency (have stable income, no possible risk of unemployment, no mortgage to repay, etc.), he must also be less than 70 years old at the end of the planned repayment. of its consumer credit. That being said, exceptions can be considered.

  • Financing solutions for seniors
  • How to get a retirement loan?

Financing solutions for seniors

A senior loan can help shape many projects. In the case of a consumer credit, it can help pay for a trip abroad, finance some interior or exterior work, the realization of various leisure activities, the acquisition of various equipment, etc. Would you like to buy a boat ?? Do you want to go on a cruise? These are just as many possibilities that can trigger the request for a loan. Those who want to commit to a rental investment can also consider applying for a home loan. Those who have a home have the right to apply for a mortgage or mortgage life loan (the borrower can enjoy his property until his death and does not pay any repayment).

It is essential to remember that seniors can benefit from all forms of loan available. To put the odds on your side, it is recommended that you put together a solid case.

How to get a retirement loan?

The steps to acquire a senior loan are no different from a classic loan. It suffices to meet the required criteria, to name only the repayment capacity and the debt capacity. Just like a lender in working life, a senior must provide various supporting documents before having the desired loan, with the exception of death and disability insurance. Some banks may indeed request this other supporting document to complete the file. However, the senior borrower is entitled to refuse this request.

The risk of non-repayment is one of the reasons that make banks hesitate to grant a loan for retirees, but it is possible to have it subject to conditions. Moreover, the interest rate for senior credit may be a little higher than a regular rate. However, to find cheap senior credit, it is better to go through a comparator and thus have a wide choice of loan proposals.

Senior loan factors that can influence its cost

Senior loan: factors that can influence its cost

Besides the interest rate, you should not forget that various costs can be taken into account, which can influence the overall amount of the sum to be repaid. However, in the case of a consumer loan, these various costs are not particularly significant. On the other hand, in the case of a mortgage, a few factors may come into play. We can in particular mention the duration of the credit. Shorter repayment terms generally imply a lower rate compared to those that are a little longer. This can be explained by the reduction in the risks of non-repayment incurred by lending organizations. If you also offer guarantees, you could benefit from a lower rate. This may also apply if you choose to make a personal contribution. In all cases, it is important to know how to specify your project, to compare senior loan proposals and to negotiate certain conditions, if necessary.