Credit organizations for people registered with the FICP

Credit organizations for people registered with the FICP

Obtaining a favorable opinion from the bank on a bank loan application while you are registered with the FICP or even when you appear in the central check file , it seems impossible. However, there are financial institutions that accept requests from customers according to their profiles. In any case, do not hesitate to increase the number of online requests. Credit organizations always give quick answers on the solvency or not of your request. In addition, other organizations such as the Red Cross or the UDAF or the Departmental Union of Family Associations can grant a microcredit. This help allows you to start a personal recovery procedure . The credit of the Red Cross is estimated between 300 and 3000 €. It is subject to an interest rate of almost 4% and is repayable over 6 to 36 months. The microcredit from the UDAF, for its part, is for a maximum amount of € 3,000. It is at rate 0 and is repayable over a period of 3 years.

  • The loan between individuals to obtain financing
  • The use of pawn shops
  • State aid to meet financial needs
  • Get out of the file with a mortgage loan
  • Use the FICP loan buyback
  • Other solutions to break the deadlock

The loan between individuals to obtain financing

The loan of money between individuals is an effective technique and without obligations to receive a loan for FICP incident file. The request can be made online by an organization, without the intermediary of the bank. It is a practical way that gives the opportunity to make a loan quietly and under the best conditions. The consumer must be at least 18 years old and have a regular monthly income to be able to benefit from it. The other advantage of the loan between individuals is its flexibility. Each party is free to establish the rules of the game. The terms of repayment of particular credit are established by the parties. The rates applied to individual FICP loans may be low, or even zero, depending on the decisions.

The use of pawn shops

In the event of a banking ban following a payment incident or registration in the national banking incident file, the lender can also turn to a pawnshop. In this case, valuable objects or materials are used as collateral in exchange for the money loaned. It can be a piece of jewelry, works of art or any object, the value of which corresponds to the amount borrowed. This credit solution for banking prohibition is subject to a signed contract in which the lender undertakes to reimburse the borrower within the allotted time. If the sum is not paid after the expiry of the deadline, the deposited object will then be submitted to an auction.

State aid to meet financial needs

Even if you are in a situation of registration, state aid as well as private associations can help you. The Caf or Family Allowance Fund can finance various materials essential to daily life. Whatever object is requested, you must prove that it is essential and meets the basic needs of your family. The ADIE or Association for the Right to Economic Initiative can also grant a larger loan, up to € 10,000. This integration mechanism is open above all to job seekers. Meeting with an advisor is required by AIDIE before applying for credit online.

Get out of the file with a mortgage loan

To obtain a personal loan, a person who is registered with the Bank of United States must first settle his debts with credit organizations in order to get out of this register. Legally, this filing lasts 5 years, in the case of credit repayment incidents . It can be up to 10 years for filing an over-indebtedness file.

Owning can be a solution to get out of the file thanks to a mortgage deployment. In this case, one or more real estate is used as security for the payment of debts. To do this, it is advisable to use a professional broker. This specialist will be able to advise you on the most suitable FICP owner credit for your situation.

Once you are removed from the FICP file, all personal credit offers may be offered to you. Before choosing, it is essential to carry out a credit comparison. Free online tools are available to save time.

Use the FICP loan buyback

The repurchase of credit can also be a solution to lift a banking ban following a filing with the FICP. By consolidating the loans with a new lender, the latter buys back the borrower's loans and pays his unpaid checks. Debts can thus be restructured.

Multiple offers can arise if you prepare a credit redemption request. It's important to check them thoroughly and make comparisons before you get started. Some procedures are to be followed to obtain a repurchase of credit. When requesting a repurchase of FICP credit , your file must contain your marital status, the amounts of credits and your income and documents justifying your real situation. Depending on the financial institution, the repayment period and the rates applied vary. It is therefore necessary to learn about the conditions of each organism to select.

Other solutions to break the deadlock

When you are in the FICP, banks tend to close their doors if you ask them for a loan. However, different alternatives give the possibility of obtaining a credit without proof .

The FICP and the FCC

The FICP and the FCC, a few things to know

Kept by the Bank of United States, the FICP or repayment incident file displays all the people in over-indebtedness or presenting payment incidents. With this file, banks can learn about the personal situation of a creditor. A registration in the FICP implies an inability to benefit from a new credit. A person who is registered in this file has 30 days to regularize his repayment incidents . Otherwise, registration with the FICP becomes effective for 5 years. Faced with an urgent need for financing, leaving the file is however possible to carry out your projects.