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Be on the lookout for changes in the mortgage rate

The acquisition of real estate is a large-scale project requiring the use of a large sum. Moreover, in order to be able to carry out such an operation, many are obliged to contract a credit. However, this type of offer comes at a cost which is sometimes very high. If you particularly want to benefit from a more affordable rate, you will have to closely follow the evolution of the mortgage rate.

To know the current mortgage rate trend, you just need to do some prospecting on the web. To do this, you will just have to type: average rate or better rates on the search bar. This will allow you at the same time to define the type of credit more advantageous for you and to benefit from a reduced monthly payment. This will help you decide between variable or fixed interest rate borrowing.

By taking a close look at the evolution of the mortgage rate, you can estimate in advance the credit limit that you can obtain from a bank. This will notably give you the ability to assess how much each monthly repayment you can afford. However in order to know this data, you will have to do a loan simulation on the net. These tools are offered by platforms dedicated to loans.

The best mortgage rates 2020

Medium 1.30 % Low 0.95 %
Jan rate
Average 1.08 % Low 0.80 %
Feb rate
Medium 1.05 % Low 0.81 %
Mar rate
Medium 1.13 % Low 0.91 %
Apr Rate
Medium 0.00 % Low 0.00 %
May rate
Medium 0.00 % Low 0.00 %
June rate
Medium 0.00 % Low 0.00 %
Rate Jul
Medium 0.00 % Low 0.00 %
August rate
Medium 0.00 % Low 0.00 %
Rate Seven
Medium 0.00 % Low 0.00 %
Oct rate
Medium 0.00 % Low 0.00 %
Nov rate
Medium 0.00 % Low 0.00 %
Dec rate

The evolution of the mortgage rate

For several years now, there has been a considerable drop in the mortgage interest rate. Many factors can influence it, to name only the regulatory criteria and others which are related to the borrower. The duration of the loan is also to be taken into account. Indeed, when the loan duration is long enough, the risks, especially at the level of repayment default, remain significant. Banks therefore take more precautions and charge a higher interest rate. As the interest rate of a mortgage is thus particularly variable, it is necessary to remain on the alert of its evolution.

However, when you can't wait for the rate to drop before taking out a mortgage, how do you get the best rate? There are several options, including hiring a broker or performing a rate comparison through a mortgage rate comparator. If the first one takes more time, a tool simulator allows us to have answers in just a few clicks. That is why it is often recommended to use this tool.

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